A film by Brandy Johnston, Aga ChenFu, Jen McMahon & Kara Wilson


“Road To 50 Miles” chronicles the journey of two women as they train for and run a 50-mile race, an ultramarathon.  Their journey leads them on a discovery to find their true heroes and inspires an entire community to help them get across the finish line. 


When a friend asked Kara Wilson, “what’s next” upon the completion of her first marathon, she decided to do something crazy – sign up for an ultramarathon.  She asked her friend Jennifer McMahon, a running coach, to take this journey with her.  These ordinary women set out to do something extraordinary, run a 50-mile race called, The American River 50. 

Press & Praise
Photo: Kerry Stitt

I hope this makes it to the big screen! I have so much to say about this as this is a journey I chose for myself. It will inspire women everywhere! Not necessarily to go run 50 miles but to go for the goals that seem so far out of reach. Because once you realize you can run 50 miles, nothing seems impossible.” – Megan

Ultimately, the film is as inspirational as it is down-to-earth, unfiltered, and relatable. These are not olympian-level athletes accomplishing superhuman feats. Wilson and McMahon are just your average American women proving that with courage, community, and tenacity, everyday people can accomplish extraordinary things.

-Podium Runner

“The minute I say – one race, one day, 50 miles – they say,   you’re crazy, you’re gonna get hurt.”

-Kara Wilson

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